June 2019 - Hedgehogs, Beatles, and Jaded Spies

I spent all of my free time in June making art, so I don’t have many new recommendations this month.

I adopted a wayward hedgehog last week, though, so that’s kind of big news. Meet Barnaby! 🦔 He’s super shy but he licked my hand and rolled around in his ball yesterday, so I think we’re making progress.

Photo Jun 26, 8 33 49 PM.jpg


YESTERDAY is a kind movie. I am at max stress right now, so seeing a kind movie with a happy ending was really nice.

Jack (Himesh Patel) is a struggling musician on the verge of giving up on his dreams. Late one night, all of the lights in the world mysteriously go dark and at this exact moment Jack is hit by a bus. While recuperating from the accident, he makes the strange discovery that he has woken up in a world where the Beatles never existed and he may be the only person who still remembers their songs. Jack begins recording/performing Beatles music as his own which soon leads to all of the fame and fortune he could hope for, but also intense guilt for taking credit for music he didn’t write. It’s a fun “what if” scenario and a sweet love story, with a great soundtrack and lovely performances from the two lead actors. The reviews for YESTERDAY seem to be rather mixed, but I for one really liked it.


Hither, Page (Cat Sebastian)
An Agatha Christie-style murder mystery and a sweet romance, Hither, Page is another great book from Cat Sebastian. In post WWII England, a jaded spy named Leo is sent to a tiny town to investigate a murder that may be connected to a larger case of international espionage. While there he meets a handsome doctor who is suffering from PTSD and doesn’t for one moment buy Leo’s cover as a “traveling architecture enthusiast”. The two end up solving the mystery, falling in love, and helping each other find a home after the darkness of war.


I have a solo show opening in less than a month so I am in super hardcore art mode at the moment. I have about a million (well, more like 29) pieces in various stages of completion so basically every flat surface in my house has art or art-related things sitting on it. One of the big pieces in the show will this set of 12 birds which I included on the announcement postcard. The new art features a lot of birds (because birds are cool) but also includes other animals and some mythological creatures. I’m really excited and really stressed.


I can also finally show the new piece I made for Gallery1988’s official Yu-Gi-Oh show which will be on display July 5-14 in Los Angeles!